FREE Bot System

Frequently Asked Questions

The FREE Bot System is a Free Marketing System that leverages our Automated Chat Bot technology to help marketers capture the contact info of their prospects and follow up with them in ways that can get up to 10 Times the results of email marketing. To learn what is included watch this video:

The FREE Bot System (FBS) utilizes our Automated Chat Bot which is much more engaging that a static Lead Capture Page. Prospects are a LOT more likely to give permission to market to them and our Bot Automatically captures a LOT more info (including things that aren't even requested) so that marketers can target market to their prospects. As well, the FBS allows Follow Up with prospects that can generate up to 10 Times the Response by utilizing Messenger and SMS Texting rather than just email which is typically used when responding from a Lead Capture page.
You can sign up for FREE for a FBS account at any time and the FREE Bot System (FBS) will be available to use as of JUNE 15th. In the meantime, your opportunity is to share our Pre-Launch with others so they can get their own FBS on June 15th as well as potentially earn from others who may upgrade after we go live.
The VIP Club is a separate program and is indepent of the "Monthly Contacts Plan". The Monthly Contacts Plan has a fee for FBS Members based on the number of contacts generated by the Bot. The VIP Club has benefits such as

1) An UNLIMITED access to our 'Done for You Web Pages & Chat Conversations", 2) use of "Endless Free Leads Mobile" (an amazing social media training program with over 60 videos and 75 scripts) and 3) One (1) Vacation Certificate (valued at over $1,000).
We have a video on the Support Site in the "What You Get" section that gives a very good overview of how to use the FREE Bot System. You can also share the video for those who don't have our Support Site by going to:

You can give anyone in your company (or any company) a FBS so that they can keep their initial conversation with prospects to a minimum. When you send prospects to your 'Done For You Webpage" that includes a 'Done For You Chat Conversation', prospects will remember how you did NOT 1) Spend a lot of time with them 2) Did not try to convince them to buy or join your business 3) Invited them in a way that they can see themselves doing.

As well, you are a lot more likely to get people to join your business when you have an amazing marketing system that they can use for FREE because having a tool to help people recruit is critical to their success. When they believe they can succeed, they will join your business.
A traditional business can utilize conversations to help build a list of their clients and prospects. This allows them to market to their list with 'real time' offers that can generate a lot more sales.
Yes we have 3 Different compensation plans with 2 of the Compensation Plans being Residual and 1 of which you can earn without ever paying anything! You can learn about them at the following:

NO you do not need to upgrade to earn commission. We do have 3 different income streams with 1 of them NOT requiring you to upgrade.
Yes you can earn an Unlimited Income with our 1st Compensation Plan called the "FREE Bot Plan" even if you never pay us anything!
Yes we automatically send people who join our FREE Bot System Pre-Launch a 3 email campaign that welcomes them and strongly encourages them to visit their Support Site so they learn the valuae of the FBS.
The requirements to earn on the 3 Different Compensation Plans can be seen on your Support Site. You can also learn more by watching: //
A Lifetime Bot Account (LBA) allows you 3 MAJOR benefits as follows:

1) NO MONTHLY fees ever regardless of how many contacts you have generated from the FBS.

2) Ability to create your OWN Chat Conversations which has MANY benefits

3) You can earn a $150 from anyone else you refer who buys a LBA (while they are still available)!
YES we do have a Very Valuable Bonus when purchasing the Lifetime Bot (while still available) where we INCLUDE the VIP Club Membership and WAIVE the $20 MONTHLY Fee FOREVER!
Just 300 ... then that's it and they will go quickly! Make sure to view the Counter at the top of our Support Site.
Your commission for a Lifetime Bot sales ($150) will be paid on the 15th of the month starting June 15th because we don't go "Live" with the FBS until June 15th.

Unfortunately we don't have commission reporting online until June 15th as we need to focus our programming on getting ready to go live for everyone on June 15th. For those who have known us, we have been creating online marketing solutions since 1999 and have been very consistent in paying commissions for other clients (i.e. You WILL get paid)!
You will be sent your login as soon as our Pre-Launch ends so we expect you to have your login details on June 15, 2021. Anyone who buys a Lifetime Bot account though will get their login details immediately so they can use their Lifetime Bot right away.
We suggest you check your spam folder and white list our domain. As well, we will send SMS (text messages) to anyone in the United States and Canada (and possibly other countries soon) that signed up for the FREE Bot System.
Yes anyone who didn't purchase the Lifetime Bot can still purchase it until the counter goes to ZERO and the HUGE MOTIVATION to get the Lifetime Bot is that they WILL get the VIP Club WITHOUT paying the $20 monthly fee FOREVER!
First go to your Facebook Personal page and then paste in the following in the address bar:
The following countries are supported by our Payment Processor (Hyperwallet/Paylution): us/articles/231982728-What-countries-are-supported-by- Hyperwallet-Paylution