"Discover How Our Kingdom Funnel Marketing System Will Help You Sell a Lot More Products, Recruit a Lot More Reps, Generate Your Own Leads & Get Paid When Sharing It With Others!"


Since 1999, We've Spent Millions Of Dollars Building Marketing Systems for companies and leaders in the Home Based Business and Direct Sales Industries. Now for the FIRST TIME EVER, we're taking the best of everything we've ever created and put it into 1 Amazing System!


The Following Are Some Of The TOOLS That You
Receive As A MEMBER Of Kingdom Wealth Alliance!

Choose From Our Library Of DONE FOR YOU Lead
Capture Pages That You Can EASILY Personalize!

If You Can Point, Click & Type, Then You Can EASILY Create Unlimited STUNNING Lead Capture Pages In Minutes!

  • Create UNLIMITED Lead Capture Pages
  • Control Which Fields You Capture
  • Choose From Many Different Templates
  • Full Motion Video Backgrounds Grab Attention - Click To See
  • Control Where Prospects Go After Opting In
  • Automatically Puts Contacts In UNIQUE Group In Contact Manager From EACH Lead Capture Page

Create UNLIMITED Video Sales Pages That Grab Attention!

  • Easy To Use Videos Of Your Choice
  • Easy To Customize Header, Headlines Buttons etc.
  • Add Buttons Under Your Video To Get People To Take Action
  • Link Buttons To Any Websites

Email Marketing To Increase Exposure,
Automate Follow Up & Make More Sales!

  • NO Need For 3rd Party Auto Responder Service
  • Easily Create UNLIMITED Email Campaigns
  • Each Campaign Can Have Unlimited Emails
  • Schedule When Each Email Is Delivered
  • Easily Personalize Emails With Variables
  • KNOW When Emails Are Opened, & By Whom
  • Can Integrate AWeber Or GetResponse

Sales Funnels Make It A Lot EASIER And
More EFFECTIVE To Sell Virtually Anything!

  • Create & Share Unlimited Sales Funnels With Others
  • Use Unlimited Sales Funnels Created By Others
  • Duplicate Proven Results Of Others
  • Easy To Create (Point, Click & Type)
  • Automatically Capture Leads To Build Your List
  • Present Your Products & Opportunity For You
  • Follow Up With Unconverted Leads To Make More Sales

Done For You Funnels To Help Missionaries, Pastors & Non Profits Raise Financial Support By Giving Away Valuable Vacation Certificates To Motivate People To Donate & Refer Others!

  • Done For You Funnels To Raise Support
  • Includes 3 Different Pages With Different Amounts To Donate
  • We Automatically Send Vacation Certificates For You
  • Thank You Page Prompts Donors To Click On Social Media Icons Which Creates Viral Exposure

Give Away Valuable Vacation Certificates To
Dramatically Increase Leads, Sales & Referrals!

  • Our System Automatically Gives Away 3 To 5 Night Stays In Luxury Resorts
  • Retail Value Up To $1,495 Per Vacation Certificate
  • No Timeshare Required
  • Minor Activation Fee (Usually $20 - $35 Per Night) IF Activated
  • Approximately 50 Different Locations
  • You Can Give Away To Generate Leads, Increase Sales And Increase Referrals

Easily Capture The Contact Info From Prospects On ANY Website (Even Outside Our System) With Our FLOATING CAPTURE FORM!

  • Easy To Add Within Minutes (Point, Click & Type)
  • NO Programming Required (A Child Could Do It)
  • Add Any Video To Grab Attention
  • See An Example On NFL.com - Click To View
  • Capture Whatever Fields You Want
  • Redirect Prospects Wherever You Want
  • Create UNLIMITED Floating Capture Forms
  • Included At NO Extra Cost!

Ad Tracking System Makes It Easy To See Which
Ads Are Converting So You Can Be A LOT More
EFFECTIVE With Your Marketing Efforts!

  • Easy To Create (Point, Click & Type)
  • Track UNLIMITED Ads
  • See Results In Numbers and Percentage

Viral Electronic Cards Get You Noticed!

  • Choose From Our Library Of Over 100 E-Cards
  • Easily Customize With Your Message
  • Link to Any Website Of Your Choice
  • Easy To Create (Point, Click & Type)

Powerful Contact Management System To Manage Your Contacts

  • Have UNLIMITED Contacts (No Charge)!
  • Rate Your Contacts To Better Manage Your Time
  • Easily Sort Your Contacts
  • Record Notes On Contacts To Be More Effective
  • Schedule Reminders For Better Follow Up
  • Create UNLIMITED Groups
  • View Which Contacts Opened Emails
  • View Which Contacts Clicked On A Link From An Email
  • MUCH More!


  • EASY To Create (Point, Click & Type)
  • Point To Any Web Page In Our System
  • Great To Track Marketing Efforts
  • No Need For Web Hosting Company

Audio & Video Postcards For 3 - 5 Times Results!

  • Easily Create UNLIMITED Audio & Video Postcards
  • Use Our Library Of Done For You Audio & Video Postcards
  • NO Extra Charge (Included In Our System)
  • Experts Say Audio & Video get 3 - 5 Times The Results Of Typical Email!

Private Members Only Training Site Provides Training From Michael Price
(Former Paid Trainer For Tony Robbins + Trainer Of The Year For The MLMIA)!

  • Alliance Of Top Exerts (Who's Who)
  • Learn From Other Members Who Share Tips
  • Available 24 x 7 From Anywhere
  • Always New Quality Content Added

See Why Many People Love Our System
When Compared To Click Funnels!

  • Kingdom Wealth Alliance Provides More Functionality for Less Money!
  • Kingdom Wealth Alliance is Much Easier To Use
  • Kingdom Wealth Alliance Offers a Lifetime Option


1. Unlimited Lead Capture Pages $25 Per Month
. 2. Unlimited Email Campaigns $25 Per Month
. 3. Unlimited Sales Pages $20 Per Month
. 4. Create & Share Unlimited Sales Funnels $50 Per Month
5. Done For You Funnels $30 Per Month
6. Give Away Vacation Certificates $50 Per Month
. 7. Unlimited Floating Capture Forms $25 Per Month
. 8. Use Unlimited Sales Funnels From Others $25 Per Month
. 9. Ad Tracking System For Best Marketing Results $25 Per Month
. 10. Viral Electronic Cards Get You Noticed! $15 Per Month
. 11. Powerful Contact Management System $25 Per Month
. 12. Unlimited Sub Domains System $25 Per Month
. 13. Audio & Video Postcard System $20 Per Month
. 14. Private Members Only Training $30 Per Month!
Per Month!



We Are Extremely Confident You Will Love Our System But
Don't Take Our Word For It ... See What Others Have To Say!

Stacey Collins
"When Michael felt God tell him to reach out to me to share a thought he had, I had no idea I would be inspired so greatly! My husband John and I got on a zoom the very next day without knowing what to expect. As soon as Michael showed us the foundation of Kingdom Wealth Alliance and the affiliate program, we were like YES we are IN!!! We became lifetime members. In my spirit I feel this company is greater than funnels. This is a movement!

I told my family last night that I felt God open up my gifting this last week. Wow!! It was ignited!! I told Michael this opportunity has helped me use the resources I already have “within my hands”
John and I were top leaders in another networking company years ago and there was a deep family community that was unexplainable. I haven’t experienced that in years. Last night on the Kingdom Wealth Alliance meeting I felt that same spiritual and emotional connection. It brought me to tears!

There was a depth of love and Holy Spirit that I could feel God stirring up the fire within each of us and Holy Spirit LIFE breathing on the flames to ignite into MORE!! I feel it prophetically that this is only the beginning!

It’s like we are joining into this right now, but it’s only a small piece of what’s to come. I”m so excited! I haven’t felt this purpose in business in years!!

I felt to spend the weekend sending out invites. There were 145 amazing people that joined in the Kingdom Funnel challenge from those and I was blessed to have 20 lifetime members join. There are no words of the blessings of God to have an incredible team of powerhouse individuals working together. This is a “flow of favour”. I’m looking forward to having my funnels created and be able to see growth and impact in touching the world exponentially."

Rhonda Robinson
Testimonial text goes here in small paragraph of four to five lines.

Bonnie Watson
"This was the best business decision I ever made for my business!!! When KWA was introduced to me I was sold after two features! However... there is so much more value than I would ever have even expected!!

Since using this product, I have created so much free time!!! It used to take me a week or more to put together a marketing campaign. Now it takes me less than 1 day... including automated followup!!!

I had to purchase two more packages for the ministries I support, because I know this system is the key to growth in ministry and in business!!! Michael Price has a beautiful heart and it shows throughout this organization!! He is always adding priceless value!!!"

Su Park
"I thank God for Kingdom Funnel! Kingdom funnel is truly answer to my prayers! God knew I needed this and I am so thankful for Kingdom funnel. I have tried to learn and use click funnels, but it's been really tough and challenging. It was also very difficult to communicate with their customer service and it was personally very hard and discouraging.

With my busy schedule juggling with so many responsibilities, I really needed something simple, easy, and quick to learn "funnel" system. When I got connected with Michael, I was so blown away by his generous offer. Life time access to this awesome system at this affordable price with bonus was incredible. I knew I had to sign up right away. God knew I really needed this financial break and I can't help but thank God for Michael and Kingdom Funnel.

But most of all, his vision and dream to serve God's people through his business truly touched my heart and I knew God has brought us together for partnership. I loved the personal care he has already given me and I am so confident he and his team will do all they can to help me succeed. If you joined his challenge, you know how he has poured on people for hours serving them. That's what so special about kingdom funnel. It's not just great funnels and great deals, but I am so thankful that we have great people like Michael and his team ready to serve and bless others. I know I will get personalized help and great support and I am in this for life! Woo hoo! Praise the Lord!! To God be the glory and God bless Kingdom Funnel! Thank you Michael for all you have done! You are truly God sent gift to me!"

Yinet Montesino
"Give the average person a powerful tool and success will be more than just a conversation. We all know that businesses can be leveraged through automated systems. Not only does it increases your profits but also buys you time. And that time can then be invested where it matters most, such as, in the of building God's Kingdom.

This is what this Funnel system guarantees. An equal opportunity for the average person at a price that is affordable, with a system that is beyond simple and for the purpose of honoring God. If you ask me, the value is far greater than it's physical price.

Thanks Michael and team for bringing such gift to our businesses."

Delphine Ang Ling Ling
"As an entrepreneur, time is money. We need systems that can help us time compress our work. Choosing KWA funnel is a no-brainer. It is simple, user-friendly and very cost-effective.

I have built funnel myself using other funnels - getting all so frustrated and feeling all so stupid and defeated. With this, it is 'idiot-proof' and I feel great that instead of being defeated, I felt proud that I could easily master it. It is such a boost going forward to upscale my business. Plus, the community is so supportive and encouraging - it is like I have found my tribe.

I am thankful that Michael has created such a valuable system to help us and the community he has created. Michael is like the best-kept secret I am blessed to have found. I highly recommend this! - Delphine Ang, Certified Youth Leadership & Youth Mentor Coach, Creator of Teenzilience and Platform Creator"

Michael Davis
"I joined Kingdom Wealth Alliance affter joining another challenge model that advocated utilizing Facebook ads and Click funnels. I soon realized how hard it was to navigate Click Funnels. Then I saw all the value included in KWA that you had to pay to upgrade in Click Funnels. This was absolutely a no brainer. I love the ability to click and paste and have your funnels done saving hours of painstaking research trying to learn something that is overwhelming ... and then there is Michael Price.., Along with the other added bonuses that are too many to mention, he is a very humble man, loves God And has a servant's heart. He bends over backwards to help in every way. I'm just so humbled to be a part of all of this, we are going to help so many people achieve their dreams and goals."

Chuck Lawson
"I joined Click Funnels about 2 months ago and Mail Chimp for email and was still having several issues creating funnels, getting everything to sync up, and felt hopeless and stuck. Then, I heard about Kingdom Funnels and joined Michael’s challenge. He walked us through so many features and showed us how email sequencing was included and how to build a funnel with easy to use point and click methods! This is a fabulous product and an absolutely wonderful deal!

If you are stuck with your funnels and emailing this is a perfect program!"

Michael & Hilare Moniz
"My wife and I saw the simplicity, value, and community in Kingdom Wealth Alliance. We also appreciated Michael’s knowledge, availability, and passion to train and teach. Most of all we love the passion for the Kingdom that is here.

Michael and Hilare Moniz
Taste and See Freedom & Empowerment"

People Love Our Amazing Product, & Now For The 1st Time
Ever You Can GET PAID To Share Kingdom Wealth Alliance As
An Affiliate (Known As a Kingdom Business Owner or KBO)!

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